Applications: End of Line Packaging and Pallet Entry Exit Guarding

End of line packaging machines present significant hazards. They operate automaticend of line packaging application with 8000 series safety light 
guardsally and have openings large enough to allow the passage of pallet loads and therefore provide potential for unauthorised access. Accidents can be caused by entry into the working parts of the machine if proper control of the entry source is not considered. 

End of line packaging machinery includes:

Palletisers & De-palletisers    Pallet lifts    
Robotic Handling systems     Stackers and de-stackers
Pallet strapping machines     Pallet shrink-wrapping machinery
Stretch wrapping machines     Automatic end-of-line packaging machinery where conveyor access for palletised loads is required into and out of the 'Danger Zone' 


These systems are large, generally operated automatically and have openings large enough to allow the passage of loads, therefore provide potential for personnel access towards the dangerous machinery.


The Smartscan 8000 Series provides a fully integrated safety light curtain solution to specifically address the needs of pallet entry / exit guarding. With the inclusion of on-board mute initiating systems, the 'L' and 'T' shaped Light Curtains effectively safeguard the entry/exit areas of an end-of-line packaging system detecting the difference between a pallet and a person.

If a pallet passes through the entry/exit area, the Light Curtain temporarily mutes its signal allowing the pallet to enter or leave the area without bringing the packaging system to a halt. If a person enters the entry/exit area the Light Curtain will shut down the operation of the associated machinery.

The 8000 Series Product Guide provides a free guide to guarding end-of-line packaging machinery. Visit our Product Documentation page to download.

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