Smartscan Maintenance Package

Routine or preventative maintenance of safety products installed on the customer’s machines is an important area within the machine safety life cycle. There are of course many standard benefits to a routine maintenance schedule including extending the product life, early identification of potential problems and reduced machine downtime and its significant associated costs.

In many factory environments machine safety products are exposed to a variety of potentially damaging encounters from fork lift trucks to the general damage from the day to day manufacturing processes.
machine safety maintenance package
For example, with safety light curtains this can result in product being knocked out of alignment, or the gradual degrading of the Perspex window covering the infra-red light beams with the subsequent reduction in operation.

Smartscan have been providing a routine maintenance package as part of its safety system solutions for over 10 years now and it is used by a number of large blue chip companies within the UK Food and Drink sector.

Key benefits of the Smartscan maintenance package include:

Helping to reduce costly unplanned downtime by ensuring that the safety products continue to perform reliably through scheduled quality maintenance by competent Smartscan approved engineers.
Continued compliance with legislation and the appropriate machine safety standards.
Provide detailed documented listings of Smartscan safety product for the site/machine plus regular input to the maintenance reporting process.
Opportunity for a safety product use ‘refresher’ for the machine operators.

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