Applications: Manual Load/Unload

manual load unload application 1000 Plus series safety light 

A person often needs to load and unload product from a machine or from other potentially hazardous areas.

Special purpose equipment                Extruding     
Presses                                           Assembly    
Load/unload stations                        Welding



The machine must stop so that a person can safely reach into the area to load and unload the product. The machine then has to be restarted after the product has been changed and the area is made safe.


Smartscan offers a wide range of straight Light Curtains with automatic, restart or manual modes. Our Light Curtains provide protection for personnel by not allowing the machines to run, or a robotic to enter an area, unless it is safe.

When mounted vertically they provide "Point of Operation" guarding while allowing safe and immediate access for necessary manual operations.

When mounted horizontally they can replace pressure sensitive mats, which have a shorter useful life.

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