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Welcome to Smartscan Ltd, a british company focused on Safety Light Curtains and machine safety systems was founded in 1987 and is now a leading UK manufacturer of machine safety products.


Machine Safety Products:
Safety Light Curtains  
          Safety PLCs
Safety Gate Interlocks             Safety System Accessories
Safety Relays             Non-Safety Light Curtains - Process Control




Machine Safety Services:
Safety System Solutions             Safety Consultancy and CE marking
Service and Repair             Maintenance Package




Smartscan offers a complete range of safety light curtains for machine guarding, applications include robotic handling systems, palletisers and de-palletisers, stretch wrapping machines, press brakes, injection moulding machines and many others...


Smartscan are the originators of the fully integrated 'L' and inverted 'T' shape safety light curtain to address the special safeguarding needs that arise with end-of-line packaging environments.

Our most recent innovation in safety gate interlocks provides constant monitoring for higher safety integrity, and is designed to remove the problematic issues of mechanical failure of tongues or keys. It also includes a stainless steel magnet option ideal for harsh, wet environments.

Machinery Safety Systems:

Smartscan provide help right through the machine safety process, providing a complete safety package for our customers.

In addition to our safety consultancy service we also provide bespoke machine safety training and CE marking services for machines, including Declaration of Conformity and CE Marking Technical File in accordance with the Machinery and other associated Directives.

Together with our ISO 9001:2008 certification, full confidence can be placed in the quality, reliability and above all the safety of Smartscan solutions and equipment.

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