Integron 150-201

The Integron range of safety PLCs is designed for low, medium and high risk applications, BS EN 954-1, Category 4 control equipment. Typical applications might include, controlling two or three safety devices on a single machine through to multiple safety devices across several safety zones. The programmable safety controller can be purchased pre-programmed or can be programmed by the user.

Safety control functions that the Integron can be used for include, E-Stop (immediate & delay output option), safety gate monitor (delay time option), run down time protection, press brake controllers, safety mat and edge monitoring, safety light guard monitor, robotic cell controllers and a great variety of customized safety control solutions. The inputs and outputs can be used singularly or can be paired to allow cross monitoring, the combination of which, allows them to be used for safety and operational control logic.

An Integron safety PLC comprises of the control box and two independent memory modules. The system can be programmed using industry standard ladder logic running on Windows based software.

Options for timers, speed monitors, relay outputs and counters are available with up to 120 rungs of logic (model dependent). The completed software is then 'blown' onto the memory modules via the programming unit and the memory modules are simply inserted into the PLC.

The Integron solution allows you great flexibility in designing a wide range of machine safety control solutions via the programmable memory chips whilst only having to concern yourself with a couple of sets of hardware controllers. The Integron system uses two completely separate controllers, each selectable and programmable, but with Dynamic Data Exchange features, so that each can monitor the other.


  • Suitable for a wide range of machine safeguarding applications
  • Safety integrity classification up to EN 954-1 - Category 4
  • Simultaneous cross monitoring between related channels
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Integrate operational and safety control logic through a single controller
  • Design your own bespoke solutions with Smartscan or it's approved suppliers
  • LED status indicators on all inputs and outputs
  • Simple installation
  • DIN Rail mounting - 70 mm and 160mm enclosure
  • The package uses simple ladder logic configuration tools
  • Pre-programmed memory modules e.g. safety gate monitoring
  • Reduction in hardware stocking levels offers significant cost savings thereby increasing competitiveness
  • Trend analysis for maintenance via Microsoft Excel
  • Monitor & document system operation

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