M Series

M series non-safety light curtains provide a cost effective slim line housing for for a variety of Industrial and Commercial sensing applications where space to fit the sensor is at a premium. The M series comprises of the Transmitter (Tx) and the Receiver (Rx) units.

The unit has a dip switch for function selection including range and either electronic PNP or NPN output. Connection is made via 4 core 3m cable integrated into the Transmitter and Receiver units, and mounting is provided via M4 screws top and bottom of the unit.

The M series is suitable for a variety of non-safety applications including parts detection, presence sensing and counting applications.


  • Slim line housing 30mm x 12mm
  • Selectable PNP or NPN outputs
  • Cables and mounting brackets included
  • Suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial sensing applications
  • Selectable range setting
  • Simple installation and alignment
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • M8 connectors

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